Outer Skirts

Splicing of events growing frayed under a scrutiny of spindles. Peek-a-boo in
retrospective indemnity. The glutinous remedies trickling, a parody of tears.
The rudely hoisted land. Fish eyed mutineers, launching paper boat
manifestoes, a silk of sayonaras godspeeding a lonesome word from the front.
A run on the banks of the river. The fauve gaze, a cryptic tide of newly dirtied
verbs, a plentitude of color’s stooges grown gray. Elephantine, come pocket
sized to the party. The fat side of someday. Blunt slickered with brilliantine, a
prickly rhetoric of undercurrents turning tides to symphonic movements for
change. A coterie of narcissists, voluntarily bolstering the ranks of an army of
one. A wisp of atoms eroding beneath the feet of a track star. A swallowing of
old angular prides, the roof of the bubble built to float, as the lizards sun on the
rocks of creation to assure the children of the continuity of time.

(Originally appeared in Otoliths 9)