Naked leprechauns making news in the world of basketball. The speed
of light in a school zone. The crux of parallels, illustrating a crossroads
at the blind school for those deafened by a belief in noise. Silhouetted
certainties stepping out of range, of the voyeur's shot in the dark night
of faces grown pumpkinesque with shadow. The reluctant reliance on
lugubrious overtones to laugh. A reciprocal gratitude for services
rendered inoperable, a self-reflexive grief at the sound of bells, setting
the belfry in the foreground of an anecdote defusing a time bomb on
the courthouse steps. The repellant qualities of various glues, sticking
in the mind of a slow practitioner. The gold bullion of cow dung in a
garden of leafy greens, absolving the mayor from his oath to urban
planning. A winter frieze of ice nymphs barbecuing angels in the snow.
The varnish on the doublespeak of the birds.